Sunday, 13 May 2012

Natural Curls

A few months ago I bought this Vidal Sassoon hot air styler to replace a broken one. It works like a hair dryer with a brush on top and it's very good for curling. It comes with two size brushes.
Step 1: wash and dry your hair so it is damp not too wet.
Step 2: turn on the hot air styler.
Step 3: split hair into sections.
Step 4: take a part of the section and brush down with the styler, then rap the ends of part of the section round the brush and roll up like they do blow drying in the salon.
Step 5: wait a few seconds till hair feels totally try then untwist hair from brush and twist hair with fingers to form curl.
Step 6: repeat on whole head

Love Sarah-Louise <3

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