Sunday, 27 May 2012

Pretty In Pink <3

Hey for this mani I used curtain street which is a matte finish nail varnish from nails inc. I think I rather a non matte nail varnish then using a matte top coat because this polish was a little thin but was harder to do more than one coat because it was matte. But it still look very pretty but does chip easily

Love Sarah-Louise <3

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Don't Feel Blue :(

I used the 3 blue nail varnishes I have. I painted all my nails with nails inc Albert Place and on my ring finger and did a stripe of Albert Place, Barry M pale blue and cyan blue. I first did a glossy finish then a Matt finish which showed up the stripes better.

Love Sarah-Louise <3

Spring beauty

I love this colour makes me think of spring. It's wellington square by nails inc :)
Love Sarah-Louise <3

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Free Nails Inc!!!

In INSTYLE magazine this month (May) they are giving away a free nails inc polish especially created for INSTYLE. The colours are blue, pink and peach. I got the pink one. I did 2 coats then used Barry M top coat and on the other hand matted the top. Which one you like better?

Love Sarah-Louise <3

Magnetic :)

I have a few magnetic nail polishes. I have green and silver 17 polishes and a new Barry m blue one. The 17 ones come with a striped magnet and the Barry m comes with a star one. Overall they all make great effects and are great colours the Barry m one is thicker I feel and creates a brighter colour. I really want the new fishnet nails inc one in gold but all the reviews I've read say it isn't that bright :/ but the patterns cool and once you have the magnet you can use it on any magnetic polishes.

For this mani I used all the magnetic colours I have and used the 17 magnet. Hope you enjoy!

Love Sarah-Louise <3

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Nails inc!

My friend told me about some nails inc nail varnish in tkmaxx really cheap and I got 3 colours lowndes square (purple), Albert place (blue), Wellington square (orange/peach) for £11.99! When they are meant to be £33.00 so of you want cheap nails inc and colour club and many more great brands go to tkmaxx!!

Love Sarah-Louise <3

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Natural Curls

A few months ago I bought this Vidal Sassoon hot air styler to replace a broken one. It works like a hair dryer with a brush on top and it's very good for curling. It comes with two size brushes.
Step 1: wash and dry your hair so it is damp not too wet.
Step 2: turn on the hot air styler.
Step 3: split hair into sections.
Step 4: take a part of the section and brush down with the styler, then rap the ends of part of the section round the brush and roll up like they do blow drying in the salon.
Step 5: wait a few seconds till hair feels totally try then untwist hair from brush and twist hair with fingers to form curl.
Step 6: repeat on whole head

Love Sarah-Louise <3

Glitter Matte

I used nail inc noel street which is a silverish glitter. I then painted over matte which gave it a flat, together look. I then stamped over some flowers in nail in Piccadilly circus

Love Sarah-Louise <3

Cute polish tutorial

I used cutepolish YouTube tutorial to create the prom nails I used 17 glisten and orange soda. The glisten worked better than the orange soda as it was a thinner colour. I didn't have a glitter with big pieces so doesn't look as good as the video.

Love Sarah-Louise <3

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Stars In Her Eyes

This is a quick mani I did used a blue Barry M one and used my stamper to stamp stars onto it. I used pink to stamp and it didn't show up very bright so just warning people the Barry M pink doesn't stamp well on dark colours

Love Sarah-Louise <3

Fly away...

For this Mani I used Missguided Nude and Barry M Raspberry hope you like it :)

Love Sarah-Louise <3

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Croc Effect

Barry M <3 new croc effects can turn out so different. I googled croc effects and these are how it turned out for some people.




To get the first two pictures you need to do a very thin coat of polish underneath and when its still wet do a coat of the croc effect.

This is a quick mani I did using croc effect sorry its not that good. ^

Love Sarah-Louise <3

Lacy green x

I just got the nail inc 'hyde park gate' colour it is an vibrant lime green shade sold in department stores and online at Goes on very well used 2 coats and a top coat. Nail Inc are expensive £11 each :/ but is worth the price has gorgeous colours. I also got some nail art stamps from Cheeky beauty through amazon they are very cheap but are good. I chose Cheeky beauty because of the good reviews of the product on amazon and I see now all the good reviews were very true.

does not look the same as on the website this is more of a realistic colour ^

< This is one of the stamping plates I got with the set

This is the stamper and scraper that came with it >

End Result:

I used a gray to stamp what sure what other colour to use. What colour would you guys use?

Love Sarah-Louise <3

Hey :)

I just started blogging this is my first ever blog so tell your friends!

For Christmas I got these new Barry M nail effects will put them on and review them very soon! Would love to have any tips for using them.

Love Sarah-Louise <3